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Teeth Whitening in Vancouver

When you visit our Fraser Street dental clinic for professional teeth whitening, you will leave with a brighter and whiter smile through quick, safe, and effective means. Offering personalized teeth whitening services, you will have the option to lighten your teeth either through professional dental bleaching or laser teeth whitening. Both treatments offer incredible and long-lasting results at inexpensive rates. The results are so substantial that when you leave our Fraser Street clinic, you’re guaranteed to smile, laugh, and speak with more confidence than ever before! Ask us about our teeth whitening services today and get ready to achieve the beautiful, brilliant smile you’ve always wanted.

What Are the Key Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening is used to correct yellow, brown, or mottled teeth stains and discolouration. Dull or discoloured teeth can be caused by food and beverages, aging, or through chemical damage. However, through the use of advanced technology, teeth whitening in Vancouver is readily accessible and able to address all the above concerns.

While there are countless benefits to our teeth whitening services, some major ones include:

  • Correction of deep tooth discolouration, caused by aging, lifestyle, and/ or dietary habits
  • Removal of stains caused by eating and drinking, as well as improper brushing and flossing habits,
  • Improved self-esteem by transforming a dull-looking smile into a bright and confident one,
  • A more youthful appearance,
  • The killing of bacteria that contribute to tooth decay and gum disease,
  • Minimized appearance of tooth imperfections such as cracks and chips,
  • Long-lasting, instantaneous results.
Key Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Who May Benefit from Tooth Whitening?

Tooth Whitening Before & After

Practically anyone can benefit from our teeth whitening services. In comparison to over-the-counter bleaching products sold at drug stores and pharmacies, professional teeth whitening won’t harm the gums and teeth. They also provide more noticeable and lasting results, as we have the certification to use stronger products in a safe and effective manner.

To learn if you are a good candidate for either bleach or laser teeth whitening, ask our dentists about the procedure. We can conduct an oral exam as well as a shade assessment to determine which of our teeth whitening services is best suited to you.

Tooth Whitening Before & After

Tooth Before & After - Tooth Whitening Service
Tooth Whitening Before & After
Tooth Whitening After

Vancouver Professional Teeth Whitening Service

Our friendly and professional staff at Fraser Point Dental have been providing teeth whitening to Vancouver residents for years. From take-home and in-office bleach to laser teeth whitening, all of our treatments lead to long-lasting, transformative results to give you the bright, confident smile you deserve. If you’re ready to renew your smile, our teeth whitening is here to help. Book an appointment at our clinic on Fraser Street today!


When answering “how much does teeth whitening cost?” there are several factors to consider. Firstly, where you go to have your teeth whitening in Vancouver done will affect the price. However, at Fraser Point Dental, we offer a competitive teeth whitening cost to ensure everyone has access to this treatment. Secondly, the type of teeth whitening services you choose, whether it’s in-office or take-home bleaching treatments, or laser teeth whitening, will carry different price points. Thirdly, the number of sessions you need to achieve your desired results will make the teeth whitening cost higher or lower. Lastly, depending on your insurance provider, a portion of your teeth whitening cost could be covered.

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Our team of dedicated dental professionals are here to prioritize your oral health. Our dental practice offers specialized, emergency, and general dentistry services to ensure every patient's needs are taken care of. Whether you need preventive care to improve your oral health, teeth whitening to enhance your confidence, or crowns and bridges to restore function and aesthetic, our team consists of compassionate dental professionals committed to providing quality care. You don't just deserve a healthy smile you can be proud of; you also deserve a dental clinic in Vancouver who cares about your well-being and happiness.


  • Samuel Andri

    Weird to say this, but this is the first time I'm enjoying my time at a dentist! Everyone makes our visit such an enjoyable experience.They may not put a big lightbox signage (aka gimmicks) in front of their office but once you're inside, you'll know that they'll take care of you professionally and with diligent care. Thanks to Dr. Kalirai and the whole team. I'm coming back again next week! Lol! Thanks, really.

  • William Smith

    They are very friendly and patient, the charges are very reasonable and I would recommend it to friends. I have to say thank you to all the dentists and assistants who work there.

  • Josh Dawson

    This is our new local dentist, and we absolutely love this place. They're very patient and friendly, and great with our kids. Would highly recommend!

  • ishu arora

    Thanks to Dr Aman kalirai did a very good job on my tooth I was there in clinic for root canal and crown procedure and it was the great experience with the Dr kalirai and his team.i have no problem till now .I wish him good luck for the future and wish him great success.

Dr. Aman Kalirai | DMD


Dr. Kalirai, DMD, was born in Prince George, British Columbia before moving to Vancouver in 1994 to attend the University of British Columbia. He was accepted into the UBC School of dentistry immediately following his BSC.

Dr. Kalirai enjoys playing tennis, working out, Tae-Kwon-Do, and spending quality time with his wife Lisa, and 2 daughters. He continues to be involved in Tae-Kwon-Do after receiving his black belt at age 16 and winning 2 gold medals in a row at the provincial and national levels.
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