iTero Invisalign 5D Scanner

Revolutionary iTero 5D Scanner: Elevating the Experience of Invisalign in Vancouver

Fraser Point Dental is taking strides in advanced dental care, integrating the iTero Element® 5D imaging system into our services. Our mission? To deliver an enhanced Invisalign scan process that gives our patients perfect smiles in a convenient, comfortable manner.

What Sets the iTero 5D Scanner Apart?

This isn’t just a scanner; it’s a gateway to innovative dental technology. The iTero scanners harness align technology that grants powerful visualization capabilities. Imagine a device that reveals a complete, precise 3D digital map of your teeth, gums, and bite, without harmful radiation. No more invasive measures or discomfort while creating your Invisalign aligners.

The Experience with Fraser Point Dental

Upon your visit, our skilled team effortlessly maneuvers a compact wand within your mouth. This captures detailed images of the tooth surfaces and gum tissues, which are instantly pieced together on the iTero screen, culminating in a vivid 3D model. The result? A full arch scan, offering a comprehensive view, tailor-made to demonstrate your treatment journey and an outcome simulator to preview the final results.

Forget About Messy Moulds

Gone are the days of dealing with tedious and messy plaster moulds. The iTero Element system, with its 5D imaging system capabilities, ushers in a cleaner, ultra-precise, and vastly more convenient imaging procedure. Align technology research even suggests that orthodontists utilizing these scans face seven times fewer fitting challenges with the Invisalign system.

Your Smile, Visualized

Sit back in our dental chair during your initial consultation and witness the transformation. Using the iTero’s time-lapse technology, observe the potential journey of your teeth, from their current alignment to the sought-after perfect smile. This dynamic preview enables comparison, empowering you to visualize and comprehend the evolution of your smile.

Streamlined Treatment Insights

Fraser Point Dental emphasizes transparency. Using the iTero Element 5D, we regularly monitor your Invisalign treatment, juxtaposing the anticipated progress with the actual outcomes. Any deviations? We’re on it, highlighting the significance of adhering to treatment options and ensuring optimal results.

Say Goodbye to Prolonged Appointments

No one enjoys prolonged waiting times, and the iTero ensures you won’t have to. Thanks to its instantaneous 3D scans, we minimize your waiting period. Additionally, the system allows us to initiate your Invisalign treatment promptly, eliminating unnecessary delays.

A captivating smile isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s often the first impression you make. At Fraser Point Dental, we’re here to ensure it’s an impeccable one. Harnessing the power of scanners and imaging systems that simultaneously prioritize comfort and precision, we’re committed to your journey towards that radiant smile.

Have you been considering Invisalign in Vancouver? Ready to delve deeper into the wonders of the iTero Element 5D and how it complements the Invisalign system? Reach out to Fraser Point Dental or drop by our clinic. Your journey to the dazzling smile you’ve always dreamt of is just a consultation away.

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